Michelle Heyne brings empathy, humor, and a solid grounding in ecclesiology and effective organizational dynamics to her work as a trainer.  She is committed to helping parish leaders bring about effective change by developing the skills they need to make the most of the gifts they already have.  She has worked as a financial services executive for over 25 years and served as a parish lay leader for 15.  She is now a partner in Prededent Consulting working with the financial services industry for organization development and compliance issues. Michelle lives in Seattle.



Robert Gallagher brings over 40 years of experience in leadership training and parish development. Bob offers exceptional skills in facilitating shifts and changes in people and organizations. He provides practical methods and vision for a transformed parish. He’s served on an industrial mission staff, as a parish priest and a diocesan staff person. He is the founder of the Church Development Institute. Bob has a masters degree in Organization Development from Goddard College. Bob lives in Seattle.


Susan Latimer brings keen intuition, strong analytical skills, and advanced work in emotional intelligence to her work as a trainer.  She has served 18 years as a parish priest in congregations of various sizes, and as a congregational consultant in the Diocese of Maine. Passionate about healthy congregations and healthy leaders, she enjoys creating a safe space in which people may be enabled to make needed changes.  Susan is from the Diocese of Southwest Flordia.